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This is the place...

...where true geeks meet, the ones with LEDs in their ears, DRAM chips in their back pockets and fingers up their noses. They usually dream of flying into the breeze of a faraway tropical island (see photographic illustration to the right). So much for their dreams. Meanwhile, burned-out 6x overclocked CPUs and oktoberfest beer cans litter the grubby and smelly basement. Wires, warped disk drive bays and translucent plastic bezels in every conceivable shade of color abound. I bet that darn cat must have peed again somewhere. Still more multicolored blinking LEDs, smoke generators and flashing neon signs obstruct the way. Hey what's this other funny odor? Let's get outta here. No, wait.. don't leave just yet!
here at Blinkenlabs... ...we never tire of getting tired, as long as we are imagining and developing new stuff. Our capabilities include hardware, firmware and FPGA or chip design in digital, analog, mixed signal and RF. But it's more than that: As industry veterans from a variety of disciplines, we take a wholistic approach to product development. We value a sound requirement analysis, [...] proper system design for manufacturability and lowest cost (DFx) and attention to every detail from industrial design, packaging and parts to firmware and documentation.

Some Links to our other projects

http://www.emwave.com - Stress reduction pulse monitoring widget.

http://www.fastmovie.tv - PPV online video for independent filmmakers.

http://www.cuberoot.com - the famous TIX art clock.

http://www.earthgrid.com - Viktor's fabulous social networking site.




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